Tight Lines exhibition

Our next exhibition, opening 16th September will be Tight Lines – A dip into the history of Herne Bay’s Sea Angling Clubs, in association with Heron Angling Society, the Herne Bay Angling Association and Greenhill Sea Angling Club.

Exhibits include vintage and classic outboard motors, fishing equipment, memorabilia, photographs and much more!


Bouncing bombs

Did you know where else the bouncing bombs were tested during the Second World War?

It’s common knowledge that the bombs were tested off the coast of nearby Reculver, and a statue of Barnes Wallis now stands at on the downs near the King’s Hall to commemorate the connection.

But as this report suggests, they were tested in Scotland as well.


One of the smaller, Highball bombs is a popular attraction at the Seaside Museum, Herne Bay, and we are currently making arrangements to display the fragment of the larger Upkeep bomb that was found on Reculver beach earlier this year.