Gus, (thankyou Gus), who wrote a five star review of those that follow, suggested we put some reviews from Tripadvisor onto our website, so here they are:
“Part of our history.”
[4 of 5 stars] Reviewed 19 July 2016

As a Herne Bay person born and bred it is an important part of my history. I visit quite frequently with my grandson and we may only spend 30 mins there. Everytime we see something different and I can pass on parts of my history to him. It is important that every towns history is kept alive.

“Fascinating Place”
from Gus
From Roman relics to Amy Johnson and the bouncing bomb and much more besides, this is a fascinating museum. We found it by accident on a wet day in Herne Bay and are very pleased that we did. Well worth the token admission price (£1.60 each for us) and would recommend it to all. It’s run by volunteers who were  very friendly and a lot of fun. Don’t miss it!

Visited June 2016

“An interesting hour or more if you are interested in Herne Bay”

[5 of 5 stars] Reviewed 14 April 2016

We found this museum through one of the information posters on the seafront. The lady volunteers were very helpful and interesting to talk to and for a small museum there is a great deal of local information on display and if you have a need to know more there are the staff to help you find out


[5 of 5 stars] Reviewed 9 April 2016

Admittedly only visited to see the Dambuster section, however was an interesting museum for a low cost. Very friendly front of house staff. Original  bouncing bomb.

Visited April 2016

“A lovely local museum with a pretty shop”

[5 of 5 stars] Reviewed 9 April 2016

This museum is run by friendly local volunteers, full of seaside interest, activities for grown ups and kids, changing exhibitions, and a pretty shop selling work by local artists. A place to go for presents and cards .

“Visited with kids and Nana !!!!!”

[5 of 5 stars] Reviewed 29 March 2016

Fabulous – we didn’t realise this was even here – We did pay the nominal fee to enter – but i think it is free to Herne Bay residents ? A great little ‘past time’ for those wishing to know more about old Herne Bay Lovely Pictures and Postcards and things found on the beach – also a bouncing bomb prototype which was quite cool – Lots of wall displays and old exhibits – Very Interesting –
We went and were the only people there – Im not sure if it would be claustrophobic if many people were up there !
STEEP steps to get up – Not suitable for wheelchairs – ( Unsure about a lift ? ) But – great for everyone else

Visited March 2016

Note from the Museum: there is a lift

“Nice few hours”

[5 of 5 stars] Reviewed 15 March 2016

Lovely little museum. Can spend time looking at all the things they have there. A very friendly place

“small but good”

[5 of 5 stars] Reviewed 26 February 2016

Small but a great little place to visit, Very central to the town centre and lots of interesting things.

“Small but good”

[5 of 5 stars] Reviewed 29 January 2016

Went here with my 8yo son as we both like museums. There is parking by the seafront so we only had a short walk to find this place. It was £2 for adults and my son was free to get in. Downstairs there were items such as an old photo-flick machine which gives the impression  of moving images (they provided the old penny!), old adverts for Herne Bay, a proto-type bouncing bomb, mammoth tusks only recently recovered due to an unusually low tide, old wireless sets, a real mixture. There was an upstairs too where the items continued with anglo-saxon finds such as pots, plus more animal remains and home items. There was also a current display on seaweed. It was an interesting collection of seaside items. Altogether it took us about 50 minutes. There is also a small gift shop and the staff were very helpful, coming round to check we were ok.

“Like a hidden pearl”

[5 of 5 stars] Reviewed 27 January 2016

This wonderful museum is like finding a pearl in a clam shell. In a town that has a growing committed team of volunteers organizing so many fun events, the enthusiasm spills into the museum which has been recently renovated. I have 2 children aged 11 and 13 and we spend about 2 hours in here, so much to see, read  and the exhibitions change frequently in what we call the gallery room. I won’t spoil it but there is a diverse range of items inside from local sporting memorabilia to weapons and prehistoric artefacts, very educational while being fun. Well done Herne Bay museum volunteers.

Visited October 2015

“Stunning renovation”

[5 of 5 stars] Reviewed 8 November 2015

A truly memorable visit. Went to see John Bird Retrospective exhibition which in itself was a vibrant study of the local area. Superb. The rest of the exhibits were a delight, chronicling the story of Herne Bay from prehistory to present .

Note from the the Seaside Museum

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