Podcasts and Videos

She Told You So

Inspired by the museum’s Climate Change exhibition Hampton Primary school worked with artist – Karen Simpson, storyteller – Gary Studley and animator – Nicholas Godsell to put together this wonderful animation. Project funded by KCC.

Make a Dragonfly

As part of Herne Bay Festival for August 2021 we have made up craft kits to make a dragonfly – pop into the museum to pick up your free pack.

Make a Plane

As part of Herne Bay Festival for August 2021 we have made up craft kits to make a plane like Amy Johnson’s Jason – pop into the museum to pick up your free pack.

Herne Bay’s Town Seal

Bill Phillips explains how official documents were authenticated and looks at the details in the town seals.

Model Boats

Making models of the boats that could be seen off the coast of Herne Bay
Timestamps for each part of this video
00:00 Introduction
01:37 Canoe
04:45 Roman Trading Ship
10:31 Viking Trading Ship
13:24 Hansiatic League Cog
16:59 Hoy
20:46 The Thames Barge
24:49 Whitby Collier
31:08 The Red Rover

Find out about The Upkeep

Bill Phillips explains all about our Upkeep fragment.

How to move a Bouncing Bomb

Moving The Upkeep and High-Ball Bombs | Case Refurbishment 2020

The Finding of 170,000 Year Old Elephant Tusks

Listen to an interview with Barry Mount who found 170,000 year old elephant tusks off Herne Bay’s seashore. The audio is interlaced with photographs taken by Barry on the day of the find. The tusks are now on display at the Seaside Museum, Herne Bay.

Built in Herne Bay Exhibition 2020

Join us for a walk through our last exhibition Built in Herne Bay. Photographers were asked to submit photographs responding to the theme Built in Herne Bay. We asked our visitors and volunteers to vote for their favourites. The top 12 will make up our 2021 calendar which will hopefully be available in late September/early October.

Litter Vengers 2019

The Litter Vengers animation was created in December 2019 as part of the museum’s Really Rubbish Exhibition. It was made and created by children from Herne Bay Junior School with help from Karen Simpson (@flotsamweave), Gary Studley (Dead Hoarse Festival) and N Godsell (@teatimeandtide). The project was funded by Kent County Council.

Marcus & The Mystery Of The Pudding Pans 2019

Join Marcus in finding out all about the Mystery of the Pudding Pans.
An animation made in collaboration with Herne Bay Junior School and the University for the Creative Arts. Funded by the National Lottery. This animation accompanied our Mystery of the Roman Pudding Pans exhibition held at the museum in 2019.

The Great Herne Bay Map Project 2016

In 2016 the museum held an exhibition called the Great Herne Bay Map Project that showed a brief history of maps as well as maps of Herne Bay from 1832 onwards. Every weekend of the exhibition local artist Rob Turner ran a series of map building sessions in the gallery and asked our visitors to contribute. Although not strictly accurate in any cartographic sense, we think it accurately reveals the affection that the community feels for our town.