About Us

Before July 2015
The museum after the changeover

Collecting towards a museum for Herne Bay dates back to 1932 and the museum you see today is in no small part thanks to the efforts of Tom Bowes (a local doctor and keen amateur archaeologist who founded what is now the Herne Bay Historical Records Society, and became its President). His work was enthusiastically continued by local librarian Harold Gough who was honorary curator, and later president of the HBHRS, as well as a prolific local historian.

At various times the museum collection was housed in Mortimer Street and then above the Library in the High Street before moving to its William Street premises in 1996, where it was funded and administered by Canterbury City Council, who also own part of the collection.

From the outset, the Museum has hosted a changing exhibitions programme in its special exhibition gallery, including national touring exhibitions as well as local art and photography.

In 2015, Herne Bay Museum Trust’s tender was accepted by Canterbury City Council to take over the management and running of the museum.