Seaside Museum’s Wheels of Time Activity – The Town Seal

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The Town Seal

Watch the video and look at the images above and see if you can answer the following questions

1. What were seals used for?
A. They were an early form of headed notepaper.
B. They were to make the document official.
C. They showed that tax had been paid for the document.

2. Why is there a boat on the Coat of arms?
A. Smugglers were busy round Herne Bay.
B. Pleasure boats brought a lot of money to the town.
C. The boat is a Roman ship from Reculver.

3. Why is there an Oxen on the Sail of the Boat?
A. Man called Oxenden owned the land on which the town was built.
B. Cows were kept on the Downs.
C. Oxen drew the early farm carts in the area.

4. What do the wavy lines (Blue and White) represent?
A. They were drawn on the pier for the dodgem cars.
B. They represent the importance of the sea to Herne Bay.
C. They represent the hills either side of the town.

5. Do you know why there is a Heron on the Coats of arms?
A. The word Herne comes from the Herons that lived there.
B. It comes from the Heron on the crest of the Knowler family.
C. It just looked pretty

6. Can you see some land marks on the early coat of arms. Why do you think they were there?

OR WHY NOT CREATE YOUR OWN SEAL using different symbols and images. Send it to us to add to the gallery we will build on this page.

Email with your answers and/or your created personal seal to receive your code to collect your Seaside Museum e-badge

Wonderful seal design Erica!