Memories of Herne Bay

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Canoeing by Herne Bay Pier 1959
Canoeing by Herne Bay Pier, 1959

Herne Bay – A Big Part of Our Lives

Our Mum and Dad married in 1942 and went to Herne Bay for their honeymoon.  They stayed at Roselea Avenue, Eddington with our Mum’s relatives Bill and Ivy Wright and our cousin Alan.  Bill was a painter and decorator by trade.  I remember them telling us they couldn’t go on the beach due to the barbed wire barricade erected while the war was on.

As children we stayed in a boarding house, which we think was called Beaufort in Oxenden Square.  It was run by Jack and Dorothy Childs every summer.  Treat of the holiday was a knickerbocker glory at Macaris.  We also kept a bus inner tyre at the boarding house for use in the holiday and our Sunday trips to Herne Bay.  Swimming out to the raft anchored in the sea was a big adventure.

Most Sundays, summer and winter, we would go to Herne Bay and when we met our future husbands they were taken there as well.  We have lots of memories of those wonderful holidays and days out.  The Fairy Glen at Beltinge and the boating lake in the park, the arcade where we could spend our saved up pennies, crazy golf and lots of walks along the pier.

Our great great grandad helped to pull up the horse and carts from the beach and Ernie Wright is named on the war memorial in the park.

After Mum and Dad died my sister and I had a bench erected near the Kings Hall on the cliff top in memory of them and their love of Herne Bay.